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Welcome to the free audio page. Below are audio series taught by Apostle Paul D. Young that are arranged in either alphabetical order, topic or an answer to a question. Each series has varying number of messages that you can either listen to or download for free!

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50 Commands of Jesus
A New Heart
A Trip To The Potters House
Bible Translations
Biblical Economics
Blueprint For Marriage
Book Of Acts
Book of Revelation, The
Boot Camp
Born To Reign
Break Free
Business Vision - Action
Business Vision - Advanced Leadership
Business Vision - Higher Level
Calling And Separation
Camels Are Coming, The
Combination To True Prosperity
Controlling Spirits
Divine Order Of Faith, The
Double, The
Dr. Paul`s Root Remedy
Ears That Hear
Essential Realities
Establishing The Covenant
Eyes Wide Open
Faith 101
Fighting To Win
Final Quest
Final Quest
Four Faces, The
Fracturing Time
Framing Your World By Faith
Free From Fear
Free From Your Past
Freedom From Rejection
From The Head Down...
Fruit Of The Spirit
Funeral For The Flesh
Great Escape, The
Harvests Unlimited
Hebrew Roots
Higher Dimension
Holy Garments
How To Avoid Shipwreck
How To Live In The Rest
How To Miss The Mess
How To Pray
How To Win In Battle
Humanism Vs. Sacrifice
Humility, The Place of Power!
Illuminating The Darkness
Inside Job
Intercession Part 1
Intercession Part 2
Kingdom of God, The
Kingdom Order Of Faith
Kings & Priests Part 1 - Who Are You?
Kings & Priests Part 2 - Faithful Steward
Kings & Priests Part 3 - No More Toil
Kings & Priests Part 4 - Your Assignment
Kings & Priests Part 5 - The Fellowship of the King
Last Days Anointings Part 2- The Anointing For Today
Last Days Anointings Part 3- The Anointing For Energy
Last Days Anointings Part 4- The Anointing For Ministry
Living Free From Fear
Living In His Presence
Living On A Higher Dimension
Man Up!
Men of Valor!
Motivational Gifts
New Nature
No More Limits On Your Money
Obedience and Blessing
Parables of Jesus
Positioned For Promise
Power Of Blessing, The
Power of Confession
Power of Intercession, The
Power of Love!
Power of Vision
Power To Plunder
Praise And Worship
Praise In The House
Preach The Word
Prospering The Kingdom
Pushing Past The Limits
Rapture, The
Receiving Revelation
Redeemed By Blood
Renewing The Mind
School Of The Holy Spirit
Seasons Of Power
Seducing Spirits
Served Up!
Set In Order
Seven Mountains, The
Shut The Door On The Devil
Sin of Familiarity
Spirit Directed Will
Spirit of Life
Spiritual Evolution
State of The Church In America
Supernatural Vision
The Authority of the Believer
The Church
The Glory
The Rest
Tithers Rights
Transference of Spirits
True Prosperity
Walking In Health
What To Do When You Are Discouraged
What To Do When You Battle Old Habits
What To Do When Your Feelings Get Hurt
When You Feel Like Quitting
Where Is God When I Need Him?
Why Are We Here?
Wisdom in Finances
Woman, Thou Art Loosed!
Working of the Word, The
Your Child`s Success
Your Help Is Already Here!